food’n’play- Multifunctional AR-Pizza box

food'n'play –

the multifunctional AR-pizza box

Play with your food!

The past times of social distancings didn’t just take a toll on our social live – restaurants are fighting to find creative and new ideas, that will help them to get back into business. 

With the food’n’play pizza box restaurants have the ideal marketing tool to get back in the game und pizza lovers can do the same (quite literally).

Achteckiger Pizzakarton
Stanze einer achteckigen Pizza

The octagon is the new rectangle!

When first coming up with the idea of a multifunctional pizza box, that connects friends by games, the plan was to use a rectangular pizza box. Of course my teachers would ask me to try something different. Thats when I’ve built my plotting die for the octagon pizza box, with the perforation of two of the side wings, so that the pizza box could be turned into a screen. 

where digital and analog are meeting for a pizza break!

The AR concept is based on a mixture of app function paired with virtual reality. Using the App you can look with your camera at the pizza carton, where questions, videos, confetti and through the room soaring rankings can be seen. The questions are answered on the own phone. 

With the coupling function people in the same room or friends miles apart can spent some time together, while playing and eating pizza!

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